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I work with awakening men who long for a deeper connection with themselves, desire soulful intimacy within their relationships, and are leaning into new paradigms of life, love, and what it means to Be together.

I have been deeply involved in men’s development for over a decade and know first hand the windy roads men walk in today’s modern world.

Having been trained and mentored by some of the top teachers in conscious connection, mindfulness practices, embodied living, and masculine empowerment, I bring a unique blend of accessible tools, magic, and experience to men who are awakening to new paradigms of relationship, collective evolution, and heart-lead leadership.

I’m passionate about helping men live abundant and empowered lives and have been integral in starting men’s groups in a number of countries. I hold a vision of a world where men are empowered to create relationships of deep connection, authenticity, and joy, in and outside of the bedroom.

Through my Soulful Intimacy platform and Newsletter, I offer practical, grounded articles, videos, and events focused on the finer points of modern day relationships, living with heart-fulll purpose, and empowering our path towards new collective paradigms of live, love, and soulful connection.


Reconnecting To Our Body Wisdom

Reconnecting To Our Body Wisdom

It seems an understatement to say the human body is complex. How can we tap into and honor its full potential and wisdom?

The Price of Distraction

The Price of Distraction

A distracted mind often leads to an absent heart. What’s in the way of being more connected with those around us?

The Joyful Belly

The Joyful Belly

Our bodies are sophisticated, interconnected bundles of joy, when we learnt soften and let them Be.

The Way Forward
May Be Uncertain

But It Doesn't Have To Be